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November is NaNoReadMo for Me

Read all the books!


Back in September I decided that I wanted to spend some actual time writing instead of just wishing I would spend time writing.  I thought that NaNoWriMo-National Novel Writing Month–would be the perfect opportunity for that. I was all excited about my decision and wrote it down as one of my goals for the end of 2016 waiting to be checked off.

When October started, there was a lot of talk about NaNoWriMo.  Preptober was in full swing and a general buzz was in the air, but I started to feel dread. I realized last week when I had no interest in drafting an outline or making a progress tracker that I really wasn’t looking forward to this at all. So I made the big girl decision to just not do it. I decided I’d rather spend November reading more instead. I jokingly told my husband that November was going to be NaNo-Read-Mo for me.

November is going to be NaNoReadMo for me! Here's a look at the books I've chosen.NaNoReadMo

I was doing a little research and come to find out there was a National Novel Reading Month last year in November.  I had no idea it was an actual thing! Creation of NaNoReadMo has been credited to Austin Kleon-who is an artist, author, blackout poet, all around amazing guy. also had a cool blog post about it.  In either case, the spirit of the challenge is to read more.  I can do that!

November is going to be NaNoReadMo for me! Here's a look at the first week of books I've chosen.

Week 1 TBR


My Plan

I plan to read a ton! I’ve been using this app Leio that tracks your reading and will calculate your average reading speed in seconds/page. I’ve only tracked one complete book so far and I read at a speed of 45s/ page. I did some fancy math and figured out that translates to about 80 pages an hour. (Obviously this will change depending on the book and topic or reader’s level of interest.)


November is going to be NaNoReadMo for me! Here's a look at the second week of books I've chosen.

Week 2 TBR



I then used the 80 pages/hour rate to figure out that if I averaged 2.5 hours of reading a day, each week I could read about 1,400 pages. If I assume 4 full weeks of reading next month, (there’s a holiday and a family that needs to be factored in somewhere) I could potentially get through 5,600 pages of reading in November!  That’s so many pages!




November is going to be NaNoReadMo for me! Here's a look at the third week of books I've chosen.

Week 3 TBR



It’s been fun looking at the books on my shelves and writing out their statistics, trying to put together a tbr for the month to fit my 5,600 pages.  I have 5 books picked out for week 1, 6 books for week 2 and 4 books for week 3.  All together they total-5,049 pages. I figure I will see how these 3 weeks go and then decide if I have time to add 600 more pages to the month!



As far as the books I’ll be reading go, I have some goals:

1) Finish books from previous month’s TBR that I didn’t get around to starting.

2) Completing my Goodreads 2016 goal of 80 books in a year-I’m currently behind by quite a few!

3) Create a backlog of finished books ready to review here!

4) Check off some books on my Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge List


I’m much more excited for NaNoReadMo than I was for NaNoWriMo. Both are great challenges but this year I’ll be reading, maybe next year I’ll be writing!  Are you participating in either?


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