Writing Days – Camp NaNoWriMo Diary Week 2

Camp NaNoWriMo Diary Week 2

Camp NaNoWriMo Week 2 Diary

Another week of Camp is in the books for me and I wanted to share how my writing days went.  Let’s get write into it.  Get it? No? Okay…moving on.

April 8 – Word Count 20,421

I broke 20k!!!!! I’m so exited to reach this number, especially at the start of week two!! I still have a lot more of the story to get through but it’s great to see that number growing each day.

Today was one of those days where I had to fight for every minute of writing time.  My oldest had a friend over, and I decided to take my daughter out for the morning to buy some essentials for this summer.  (Holy cow do kids go through clothes fast!).  I was able to get some writing done in the morning before my son’s company arrived, 500 words.  Then after he left and the kids were still playing, I managed to sneak in around 600 words.  We had to run some errands so I grabbed my iPad and wrote while we drove. That helped me add another 300 words to my tally for the day.  Finally at the end of the night after everyone was in bed and my husband was fighting with some electronics, I managed to write another 900 words.  So my total for the day was 2,319 words!

Tomorrow should be an easier day.  Fingers crossed anyway!

April 9 – Word Count 23,032

I was lucky enough to get some focused writing time this morning.  My husband took care of the kids and I stayed in bed reading and writing (heaven!!!).  I wrote for about 45 mins and hit 1,500 words!  It made the afternoon writing session a breeze. I just hit a flow.  It felt great.  Thank goodness after the toughness of Friday’s writing session.  I ended up writing 2624 words and finished a section.  I haven’t exactly determined the chapters yet, I just know the scenes I want to write.

April 10 – Word Count 25,541

Motivation for writing decided to go on vacation a bit early.  I’m feeling very tired from a couple of late nights but I’m committed to writing every day so I press on.  I needed some motivation so I hopped on Twitter and joined in with some sprints!! I don’t know what it is, but these sprints get my fingers moving!

Sprint Stats-

  1. 30 mins – 970 words
  2. 10 mins – 368 words
  3. 10 mins – 305 words
  4. 10 mins – 307 words

I wrote some between sprints and then after the last sprint I decided to just go ahead and finish up for the day.  Today’s total was: 2,509 words!!

I didn’t realize until after I finished writing today that I have 100 links in my #writechain (100 consecutive days of writing) AND over 25K!!!  I’m not halfway yet because I’m planning to write 65k but still it’s a big number!

April 11 – Word Count – 28,057

Today was one of those disjointed writing days.   This morning, I was able to sit and focus for two sprints but then I had to fit in some writing here and some writing there. I finally finished up at the dinner table while my kids did their homework.  Generally speaking, I don’t enjoy this kind of writing.  I prefer to just sit and get it done and then move onto the next thing.

Today’s Sprints –

  1. 10 mins – 351 words
  2. 20 mins – 587 words

I wrote 2,516 words total and am just over 28K for a total!!  Making lots of progress!  It’s way less pressure to be up in the word count for the month!

April 12 – Word Count – 30,009

This morning I had to stop at the store after dropping my son off at pre-school.  I had a bit of down time between the start of his day and the store opening so I decided to do some writing while I waited (because that’s the kind of person Camp NaNoWrioMo has turned me into!).  I managed to write 800 words while I waited but then when I tried to write later in the afternoon, I had a really hard time focusing.  Maybe the afternoon isn’t the best time for me to try to write?  Today’s word count total was 1,952.

April 13 – Word Count – 31,366

I have to cut this week short by a day because of the Easter Holiday.  We have plans on Friday and I wouldn’t have been able to get this blog post up after I did my writing for the day.

Today was probably my worst writing day so far, which makes me really grateful for those easier writing days I had earlier this month.  I wasn’t able to really concentrate while I was writing.  My train of thought kept getting pulled off course and I found myself going back over what I’d just written.  I did manage to come up with a cool scene that I needed but hadn’t figured out how to make work.  (I know that’s annoyingly vague, but I did a thing I didn’t know I was going to do!)

Today’s total was a mere 1,357 words but once I realized it wasn’t really happening today, I changed my goal for the day to 1,100 words (half my normal goal) and then went beyond it.  That’s something right?


Week 2 Stats

Camp NaNoWriMo Week 2 Stats
I am happy with the progress I have made.  I was hoping to hit the halfway mark today but it will have to wait until tomorrow or this weekend.  It’s a holiday weekend so I don’t plan on devoting lots of time to writing, (another reason I’m grateful for being ahead).

My Biggest Issue

The biggest problem I seem to be having is not being in the right mindset for the scene or scenes I’m writing about on a given day.  Being excited to write each day is not enough, I also need to be in the correct frame of mind.  Say I’m supposed to be writing a really intense scene but I’m feeling very melancholy, I’m having a hard time getting it to translate.  Writing the scenes out of order is an option, but my brain wants to work in a linear fashion.

Next Week

Next week I’m going to try to do some early morning writing sessions and not wait until the afternoon, I seem to be low on energy and motivation by that time.  Overall, I’ve learned a lot about how to make my writing days go better, which is a win in my book.

How was your second week of Camp NaNo?  Did you have good writing days?


Happy writing!

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