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Blackout Poetry-More Zentangles

One of my favorite zentangle patterns in this week's Blackout Poem

This week’s Blackout Poetry post features TWO pieces!  Both of these poems combine my love of poetry and my love of zentangles!


Blackout Poetry with zentangles!

First Poem

The zentangle pattern that I used in this poem is called Betweed by Rick Roberts.  I usually don’t draw my zentangles this large because sometimes they don’t translate well on a larger scale.  This one worked though, and I’m really pleased with how it came out.

The 3D effect is due to shading and helps to create a layered look.  This zentangle is simple to do and has a big impact.


Blackout Poetry with Zentangles

Kind, sensitive. She snapped. Pressure started. Promise settled heavy. Drops Sweating, she wanted abandon.

Second Poem

I’m not very happy with the way this design came out. It looks all wonky to me. I wanted it to look like vases but instead it looks like strange lava lamps. I used varying thickness of pens which on a smaller piece stands out more but here I think I’ve lost the effect.

I don’t mind the somewhat failed attempt here because it’s all about experimenting and finding what works.  I wanted to share it though as an example that things don’t always work out the way you envisioned and that’s ok.  I do like this poem though.

A little wonky with the zentangle in this Blackout Poem

He allowed dark agonies. Few think him Little. He imagined some battle as he fled from this friend again.

A Note on Writing

A little bit about writing the poem–generally speaking, I circle words on the page that are interesting, unusual or just different. Then I try to find words that will link them together to make sense.

Super scientific I know. A lot of the time, the words on the page spark an interesting poem. It’s different from writing traditional poetry because I don’t start with an idea for a poem and write it out, I have to work with what is on the page already. It’s a different kind of challenge but still fun!

I might try to create different length pieces or write first and then try to make the poem work on a page.  Those are both processes I haven’t tried before so it would be fun to experiment with them.

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